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Active Traders: Energy Podcast, Gold, S&P, Oil Levels

Dec. 19

These will be sent as part of our Beta test program almost daily until the new year. After then, if all goes well, we will put it under the new Active Traders tab for separate subscription— logistics and price still pending —GF

About Our Partner:
Moor Analytics produces technically based market analysis and actionable trading suggestions. Reports are sent to clients twice daily, pre-open and post close.
The rigor and methodology are the point for GoldFix subs. This is top shelf stuff even if you aren’t a subscriber to his work. It’s worth a listen if you are an active technical trader.

Go to for 2 weeks Gold, Oil, and Bitcoin reports free trial.


Michael’s stuff is not easy to read as he writes for professional types but it is easy to use once you have someone to translate for you. That is hopefully where we come in. Today’s note in red is to help you understand what he is talking about. IT IS HOW WE USE THE LEVELS as well

Today’s Comment: We discussed our own position and outlook on Sunday. Long, lightening the length, considering selling holiday vol, and finally not buying a dip as we are past the midpoint of buy season (ends January 6th)

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