Active Traders: Gold, S&P, BTC Podcast Excerpt- BETA




What it contains

  1. Gold, SPX, BTC Podcast (on delivery), Oil on occasion

  2. TA excerpts (at bottom)

  3. Comments and quotes from his written notes which we read daily for our own prep and any insight or risk coloring our bias

When it will arrive

  • This will all be to you by 10 a.m. daily. (usually much earlier if a big number is coming out)

  • Possibly 2 emails daily given the early release of Gold ( 8a.m.) and the later release of Oil (10a.m)

  • Either with or without the podcast depending on Michael’s delivery time on podcast.

  • Also in the Active Traders Tab on Home page

What else

We will also be starting a private live chat on Substack for subscribers like a twitter thing. Finally, VBL hopes to be doing Goldfix podcasts at 6:30am again next year as a bonus.

We’re not limited to Moor. If this works and people are interested, we want to add other tools people and we like/use. Only stuff we use and can help users with

How much

All that remains is pricing and subscription logistics. More Soon

About Our Partner:
Moor Analytics produces technically based market analysis and actionable trading suggestions. Reports are sent to clients twice daily, pre-open and post close.
The rigor and methodology are the point for GoldFix subs. This is top shelf stuff even if you aren’t a subscriber to his work. It’s worth a listen if you are an active technical trader.

Go to for 2 weeks Gold, Oil, and Bitcoin reports free trial.