Moor Technical Podcast for Gold, S&P, and Bitcoin

June 1
Moor Podcast Excerpts:
About Michael Moor’s Work: Moor Analytics produces technically based market analysis and actionable trading suggestions. Reports are sent to clients twice daily, pre-open and post close.
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Note: Michael puts out specific actionable trading levels twice daily for Gold, the whole Oil complex, S&P 500 and Bitcoin. If you are a serious technical and/or day-trader type we recommend his work without reservation. Go here

Possible Trades

  • Micro: neutral

  • Macro: mildly bearish- a nod to Michael being macro bearish

  • Secular: bullish

Yesterday we said in Possible Trades

We will also look to buy 1980.70 with a $3.50 stop loss below the entry. Either/both trades will be closed at a $7.00 profit or 3 hours open whichever comes first.

We subsequently bought 1981.00 on a stop in (1977.50 stoploss below). Sold 1987.80 for a closed winner

Today: Nothing on radar in Gold yet. No set ups on our systems today. intuition says this market is being accumulated again and smacked back in range on exaggerated moves

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