Europe is in big trouble and Japan is Right Behind Them - Founders Friday

GS, BOA, SG, Stifel and more
  • Today is Founders Friday. See bottom.

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Market Rundown:

Good Morning. Today is Founders Friday. So there’s a lot to choose from. Enjoy

As of this writing The Dollar is up 145 (!), Bonds are very mixed with the yield curve steepening from fronts up and back flat (minor good sign historically). Stocks are down 1.3- 2.7%. Gold is down $26. Silver is down 72 cents ( See podcast for Silver). CL is down 5.5%. Nat Gas is down 25c. Crpyto and grains are down some.

Today’s research is about the fiscal/monetary flip-flop, how Europe is in big trouble, Japan is flirting with epic disaster, and the Fed just sits and waits.


Excerpts: Europe is in big trouble and Japan is on their heels if this keeps up.

  1. Soc Gen: Phenomenal assessment of the end of fiscal austerity and monetary ease, and the beginning of Fiscal spending with monetary tightness. Today we recommend ZH’s Albert Edwards: Ice Age… He's like Zoltan but less esoteric.

  2. Goldman’s Desk- Post-mortem of Fed Policy tweaks- Good piece

  3. Stifel- lays out why the end of the selloff may be near

  4. Cryptocurrencies- you wanted regulation, you got it, which includes TradFi centralization

  5. Hartnett- the Bond Crash of 2022

  6. TD Bank- Japan is burning money too fast now

  7. BOA- Auto industry

  8. The Everybody Bailout: Europe is a mess

  9. CTA Position Updates for Gold, Silver, and Oil


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