Buy Season Preview: Goldman’s Latest on Gold Walk Through

Friday afternoon GS released a special comment on Gold. We walk through exactly what it means for the market.

Great chat Sunday. The group had plenty to discuss on Gold after the week we had.


Goldman’s trading desk on Gold

Gold bounced 8.5% over 6 days. Futures demand undoubtedly manifested. From a technical perspective, one could argue for extension. Ultimately, watch for continued central bank buying and a potential asymmetric payoff.

Two reports at bottom. We’ve talked about bullish drivers for Gold as year end comes before. This year’s drivers are at bottom.

Also at bottom is a note from Goldman’s trading desk on Gold. They are loading the gun for a good buy season it seems. The timing is impeccable given recent observations, even if we are suspicious Gold traders.

Video approx times:

  1. 0:00- CoT quick comment

  2. 3:00- Factors contributing to the rally

  3. 11:00 Michel Moor’s levels

  4. 13:00- Bollinger Bands, different timeframes, and momentum- RB

  5. 50:00- Bond inversion

  6. 58:00- Detailed walkthrough Goldman Gold Note

    • Take it for what it is worth. This is not a retail report.

    • Gold is in play again: bullish or bearish, but not agnostic

  7. 1:05:00- Short Open Interest framing- RB

  8. 1:24:00- Silver Fest/ miners/ SLV wrong risk- Brit

  9. 1:29:00 FTX Scandal, What happened, parallels to MF Global- MM

  10. Note: The whole geopolitical WW 1 stuff LB brought up thing didn’t get recorded- sorry

Gold charts in report

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