Founders: Special Gold Technical Comment

Mother of All Inflection Points for Moor TA

Housekeeping: Wanted to get you this before the close today… impressive move in Gold (with stocks not recovering post FedEx news) after a nasty drop this past 2 months and a bonafide inflection point from Michael

To Everyone:

Some pretty big things going on in Gold right now- Sept 16th

Michael Moor’s Gold Macro levels were breached on the downside yesterday (see clip above) indicating a larger potential move lower. These areas are also indicative of major macro exhaustion if they break back the other way and he explains as much.

This is a technical video for actionable type traders like us who trade short term for intraday or 1-3 day positions. But it is also a sign that this market may be on the cusp of a much wider risk/reward that can “inflect” for $100s of dollars either way.

If you are looking for some tactical help on the proper way to use this stuff; listen to this 8 minute detailed podcast (unlocked) referencing his levels specifically just done in response to several Founders who inquired what was going on in Gold.

Personal experience with these:



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