Hartnett Bearish Report Walkthrough and Updates

He's Bearish the next 4-6 weeks if the following happens....

Housekeeping: Hartnett’s report is a really good one this week. Clear, definitive, and opinionated. In 28 minutes we read and breakdown his whole 11 page report for Founders. Ideal companion piece to the ZH Hartnett Analysis

Heads Up: The interruption at approximately 1:30 is me getting a dog away from an electrical outlet.. he tends to unplug the internet on occasion.


Hartnett’s Bear Market Trifecta

The Definitive Video Walkthrough and translation of Michael Hartnett’s most recent market analysis and market calls including:

  1. Actionable triggers

  2. How he assesses data points.


  4. Why being short is on his radar again

  5. What makes him pull the trigger: The Savings/Retail/Unemployment Trifecta

  6. What makes him wrong

  7. What makes him really right

Reports Since This Thesis

Aug 12th

Hartnett: And Yet Yields Continue to Rise
Listen now (8 mins) | Correction: Obviously crypto is UP 54.4% not down. This short pod updates the 2 below plus our observation in combination with their other recent work also at bottom…
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Aug 6th

Hartnett Report: Zero Fiscal Discipline
Watch now (26 min) | Good afternoon: Here’s our Hartnett Flow Show report walkthrough for the weekend. Works well with the weekly ZH Premium analysis If last week’s Hartnett was loaded with insight, this week’s is light on written comments. His opinion was noted the week before, now it seems he is in…
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