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Moor Technical Podcast Excerpt for Gold, S&P, BTC

April 28th

***Note: Michael has moved his podcasts to afternoons now post close. Unless he switches back assume these are now done post the previous day’s close.***

Moor Analytics produces technically based market analysis and actionable trading suggestions. Reports are sent to clients twice daily, pre-open and post close.

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The rigor and methodology are the point for GoldFix subs. This is top shelf stuff even if you aren’t a subscriber to his work. It’s worth a listen if you are an active technical trader.

Go to for 2 weeks Gold, Oil, and Bitcoin reports free trial

Amazonian Disaster?

The big story so far is Amazon. Post yesterday’s close, earnings came out and the stock rocketed upwards 12% immediately in after hours trading. But then melted away actually going negative on the day.

For our part this is waht we think happened in very broad strokes:

Earnings killed, stock explodes. Somebody heard something they did not like about the future outlook on the analyst’s call and dumped their holdings. We suspected it was either cloud business concerns, or a lack of AI focus.

Here is an excerpt from Zerohedge’s coverage narrowing it down to likely being Cloud risks:

Update (6:00pm): Everything was going ok, with AMZN stock soaring as much as 12% and then suddenly AMZN stock erased all gains and turned red during the company's analyst earnings call (the media call held an hour earlier went by ok).
There was initially some confusion what sparked the plunge, but it eventually was revealed that during the call, Amazon said that “Customers continue to evaluate ways to optimize their cloud spending in response to these tough economic conditions in Q1 and we are seeing these optimizations continue into Q2 with April revenue growth rates about 500bps lower than what we saw in Q1."
The company tried to provide some favorable spin with the CEO saying that he is "pretty optimistic that we have a chance not just to recover to where we were pre-pandemic in terms of operating margin, but I think there is additional upside with some of the opportunities we've identified" but by now it was too little too late, and the stock had erased all of its earlier gains and was on the verge of turning red for the day.

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