Preview: Arcadia Economics Monday Podcast

CBDC Blockchain, ViperSilver


As some of you know, I have wanted to do GoldFix broadcasts again but Twitter screwed me up and have neither the bandwidth nor the interest to do the whole Youtube influencer thing.

Thankfully: Arcadia Economics now has me doing a version of this for their viewers weekly.

Please find attached the raw video which will be out later today on Chris Marcus’ Arcadia Economics with Yarra

The format is simple

  1. News Recap- GoldFix and other public Headlines

  2. Market Comment- Cursory stuff.

  3. Feature concept- Some concept that caught my eye and may be helpful

  4. Miner Analysis- as I reeducate myself on miners, I will share it with you all

  • Today’s Feature: CBDC Blockchain explained

  • Miner Analysis: Viper Silver

Supporting them would be appreciated when you can. The full edited versions will be out weekly around 1 p.m. Mondays

The full video is for paid subscribers