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Podcast: Golden Wedge On Radar

We are in an actionable range for a great risk reward trade in Gold

About Michael Moor’s Work: Moor Analytics produces technically based market analysis and actionable trading suggestions. Reports are sent to clients twice daily, pre-open and post close.

Go to for 2 weeks Gold, Oil, and Bitcoin reports free trial

If you are a serious technical and/or day-trader type we recommend his work without reservation. Go here


We are in an actionable range for a great risk/reward trade in Gold

What is happening:

That wedge we identified last week is now at the point where it should repel movement through it as Michael’s numbers are now coinciding with our own BBand analysis

Remember: Gold in a dead environment used to be a wedged market. We haven’t been dead in so long …some may have forgotten.. lets hope that hasn’t reasserted

Our Modified Moor Levels for simplicity (intraday pullbacks)

  • Bearish bias below 1963

  • If trades below 1963, Sell rallies back up above 1966 that do not penetrate 1973

  • Bullish bias above 1973

  • If trades above 1973 Buy dips that break 1973 but do not penetrate 1966

Moor Levels pure (daily pullbacks):

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