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Podcast: The BRICS Story and Event Prep

What causes a rally, BRICS, Jackson Hole Prep, CoT report

The next $30 could be lower, the next $150 should be higher- Gold

This might be one of the best recordings we’ve done as a group. The participation and ideas introduced made for great discussion and inspired the conversation. Thanks to participating Founders!

The first hour was very analytical interpreting CoT data.

The second hour has a ton of stuff starting with the BRICS Monetary evolution and likely outcome, Japan’s situation, and ending with a personal inflationary rant.

Gold CoT Analysis- (approx 0:00 to 1:13)

Very tactical trading mindset conversation and market analysis

  1. How to determine if the shorts are weak or strong

  2. What starts the short covering rally

  3. The Role of Bullion Bank dealers

  4. Now: plateau or bottom

  5. How we’re playing it

  6. Handicapping BRICS and Jackson Hole effect

The BRICS Story- (approx 1:15 to 1:50)

A deep walkthrough into the origin, path, and likely outcome of the BRICS Project

  1. Russia and China already did it

  2. 3 Ways the BRICS rollout can occur

  3. Trust is key

  4. How they are already doing it

  5. China is the New USA to the BRICS

  6. The SCO announcement

  7. Ways they can actually launch BRICS Coin

  8. Why a BRICS Coin is bad for China

Japan, YCC, and US Rates- (approx 1:50 to end)

  1. What they are doing

  2. Why their Policy Leads the G7

  3. Real rates and controlled demolition

Beginning Inflation Rant

  • Financial Repression and Apples

  • How it punishes the common man

  • It starts to get personal

  • Recording stopped

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