Exclusive: Brynne Kelly's Oil Analysis and Gold Market Prep

Gold Commitment of Traders and CTA Analysis

Good Morning:

Yesterday Brynne Kelly stopped and spent a full hour with the GoldFix Founders group discussing all things Energy. It was extremely productive as much was shared.

Slides: Commitment of Traders Analysis for Gold…

**BRYNNE’s Oil Analysis Starts at the 58:00 Minute Mark onward**

There were some interesting questions focused on these topics ( not in order).

  • Current OPEC Production cuts and their continuity

  • SPR refill process

  • Recession and Oil vs Monetary policy

  • ESG effects, legacy, and going forward

  • Cushing (vs Gulf Coast) as a proxy for supply issues

  • Solar Power logistics and hidden problems

  • Shale Oil

  • “Weaponizing” Oil

  • Europe’s subsidies last year.

  • Oil vs Gold- geopolitically yes.. fundamentally.. no

  • Futures curves as a better indication of true demand

  • 2008 Beijing Olympics Oil spike vs today

  • USO structural changes and their partial effect on futures curves

Oil Slides…

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