Sunday: What (Goldman's) Gold CTA Report Says

And TD's, and BOA's and much more

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Once in a blue moon we get multiple reports on CTA flows for Gold and Silver for side by side comps. These are the big 5 reporting banks who dominate the investment fund landscape.

That presented us with a rare opportunity to cross reference and weigh the pros and cons of each in context of while analyzing the gold market for next week.

This is a Masterclass level report walkthrough on how to read and weigh the massive content in the Goldman, BOA, and TD Ameritrade reports to help traders make their own decisions using Gold as the focus.

Includes key report slides

Approximate Timestamps

  1. Warm up

    1. Zoltan: 4 Defintions of Money

    2. Int. Rate Risk in US and Fed ease risk

  2. GoldFix Gold Flow Analysis

    1. Data Walkthrough process

    2. Trading levels and biases

    3. How to read Open Interest changes in Gold

  3. 0:39- UBS

  4. 0:49- Bank Of America (detailed)

  5. 0:56- Deutsche Bank

  6. 0:58- TD Ameritrade (detailed)

  7. 1:13- Goldman Sachs (detailed)

    1. Up/Down/Flat

    2. Whiskers/plot (with a false start)

    3. Seasonal use.

    4. Silver vs Gold

  8. 1:45 Q&A- Side by Side Bank Comps

  9. 1:47 What truly makes a bank good

    1. Why Goldman is the best in Commodities


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