Trading: Nat Gas Technical Podcast Excerpt

Plus: Commodity Capitulation Report

NEW REGULAR CONTENT: Founding members have requested more on Oil and active trading guidance. Therefore we have added more professional grade content in that vein for all Goldfix subs. Once a week Mike Moor and VBL bring to GoldFix subscribers an excerpt of the Moor Analytics afternoon technical recap podcast with report excerpts.

In This Issue:

  1. GoldFix Podcast

  2. EnergyFix Podcast

  3. Bonus: Toronto Dominion Bank’s report on commodity capitulation

1- GoldFix Podcast:

2- Energy Podcast:

  1. Natural Gas, WTI Brent, RBOB, Heating Oil, and Gasoil Technical Analysis for Professionals.

  2. Also: Spreads, seasonality, and more discussed in less than 15 minutes

About Our Partner:
Moor Analytics produces technically based market analysis and actionable trading suggestions. Reports are sent to clients twice daily, pre-open and post close.
The rigor and methodology are the point for GoldFix subs. This is top shelf stuff even if you aren’t a subscriber to his work. It’s worth a listen if you are an active technical trader. Go to for 2 weeks Gold, Oil, and Bitcoin reports free trial if you have interest

3- TD Report

Capitulation in commodities has run out of steam. After the most intense liquidation event in nearly a decade, fund flows in broad commodity funds have stabilized. Absent these flows, commodity demand signals have mean-reverted significantly higher, but may have overshot amid an epic short squeeze.

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