Tucker on Twitter Ep. 3

"America's principles are at stake"

Good morning: lots of content on Silver to go through. We’re writing a piece on China and Silver historically as part of the current Silver buying craze there for Solar panels. Some concise AI stuff is being looked at as well.

For now, FOMC stuff is at bottom.

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The Lessons of History

As GoldFix is not political, we have no comment except to say, this is significant. Especially in light of the C&D Carlson got hit with. As business students, it is even more significant. We are witnessing the unraveling and disruption of American media dominance in real time.

Remember when phone companies dominated home service? Then Cable came and offered land-line service cheaper, disrupting AT&T’s monopoly by simply using a different network, their own wiring. Phone companies had ownership of phone lines coming into your house, prohibiting competition. So cable companies piggybacked their own existing cables offering phone service. Game over for phone company home landline revenues.

Similarly: if major TV networks have a monopoly on the TV “lines” into your home; then internet based firms will just have to use a different network into homes. Those being the internet based TV, the smartphone, and the Smart TV. The 21st century thus far is significantly based on the network effect and how to use it disruptively to break monopolistic services. Anyway… that’s our take.

Once talent like Carlson starts moving to platforms like Twitter, MSM must adapt. If they don’t, they won’t end with a bang like many expect. No. They’ll slowly shut down like an old clock unwinding. This expiration will be preceded by them first firing everyone and  degrading their remaining  audience with infomercials and even dumber content. Right now,  "talent"  worth anything left at these monolithic entities is shopping itself  hard. The rest will cling to hope they don't get fired.

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