Podcast:"Everyone Agrees on Gold" (Includes Transcript)

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Podcast:"Everyone Agrees on Gold" (Includes Transcript)


BRICS: Why Gold Again?

Asked by a Premium subscriber for a quick explanation of Why The Brics were doing what they were at its core and Why Gold this was recorded.

This is gleaned from stuff assimilated from early Zoltan BW 3 stuff, mixed with experiential knowledge of Gold, Blockchain (limited), and a sprinkling of Geopolitics. (Includes beta testing of transcript software at bottom

***Recorded in “trading desk mode” which means while the explanation can be clear, they can also be laced with occasional profanity. Apologies in advance***

Preview for Tomorrow

Big week. Now that the drama is over….Here is some stuff we read but wanted to wait on and focus our written analysis on the live events.

These were curated from over 100 reports we scoured for metals/ commodities/ and general economic insight. Here is the best we saw…

Excerpted from:

  1. Jefferies on Gold: serious macro favorite, rarely writes on Gold.. but we take it seriously when he does. ( we broke that out)

  2. Hartnett: Cryptic and brief with a clear message: There will be no Net-Zero due to rising BRICS dominance

  3. TD Bank: Thinks Silver has room due to Shanghai and US behavior

  4. RABO’s Michael Every: good read

  5. BLOCKCHAIN: ARK’s New report

  6. UBS: Global Wealth report: what the rich kids are doing

  7. TS Lombard: China and commodities

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