Gold in the Electronic casino of the big banks dark pool trading and the BIS and pals, the Central Banksters, dedicated to keeping the "Debt based Fiat currency Ponzi scheme" running along for their benefit. Paper with ink on it vs the hard store of value for 5,000 years.

The brain washing of the Sheeples here in the USA is perfectly illustrated by a guy on the street offering people to choose between a Hershey bar of candy and a double eagle worth $1,800.

They ALWAYS chose the candy. Try that in India and the gold coin will be always taken.

The Indians KNOW and the women wear the family's wealth as jewelry, and the jewelry and any form of gold there is used as a daily currency, cause they KNOW paper with ink on it is second choice to the yellow dog.

With inflation ramped up like it has been, *the depreciation of the unit of currency*, the USD, to buy something is the cause.

The management of the gold price tamp down is preventing it from responding ON PURPOSE.

When the Banksters here got Nixon to take the country off the gold standard here, they did it so they could print dollars at will for their profit, and they have been printing and running dollars ever since.

Imagine if you can how much paper and ink it would take to print all the dollars instead of the Tens of TRILLIONS of debt based fiat *computer generated debt* to finance the governments deficit of $30 TRILLION, credit card debt over a TRILLION, home mortgages of Tens of TRILLIONS, etc.

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Once again.. an incredible article with great facts and current info.. tks Professor Vinny 😁 Awesome job this weekend

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Hit Moore’s $$1931 busted through that support. What’s the next projected support stop? How out of wack is it now. Heading higher in the continental east lower here- outlier indicator of imbalances that are growing in their out of sync wobble!!

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