Early Look: The BRICS Growing Influence on Gold & Silver

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Early Look: The BRICS Growing Influence on Gold & Silver

From Ron's Basement with Transcript
Rons Basement Youtube

Good afternoon:

Today, was interviewed by Ron of Rons Basement (links at bottom) on Gold and Silver after a very kind introduction by Jake Catskill a GoldFix Founder and Chris Marcus of Arcadia Economics

For GoldFix people, this is topically familiar turf, but Ron asks things from a different persepctive. Here is the raw recording for premium subs. As a courtesy to Ron, this has to be behind the paywall. When he posts his Youtube video publicly, we will get a link to everyone.

We will post the free video link to Ron when he puts it up next week.

  • BONUS: Some comments on Jeffrey Christian and Silver

  • BONUS BONUS: RABO, and another analyst’s takes on the FOMC Pivot

INTERVIEW TOPICS (approx times)

0:00— **Behind scenes Prep , off air introductions

  • 10:40— Start, introductions

  • 11:40— The last couple of weeks

  • 15:40— Gold and Silver migrating to China

  • 19:28— BRICS as Unionized labor

21:21— **Dog Barking Interlude

  • 22:44— BRICS continued

  • 27:33— End of Globalzation, rise of mercantilism

  • 32:57— Collateral crisis problem

  • 38:08— Orange Juice and Silver Supply Chains

  • 45:00— Jeff Christian on Silver as an investment

  • 47:00— Industrial Silver Evolution

  • 49:00— Bearish drivers- Solar and Scrap risk

  • 55:00— Pivoting to Gold ( More on Jeff Christian)

  • 57:20— Gold is Perfect as Money for Brics

60:00— **Outro- Ron’s “Mom” question

Ron’s Basement Links

Bonus Bonus: RABO, and another analysts takes on the FOMC Pivot

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