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Founders Podcast: Gold/Silver Backwardation and Triple Top Formations

Podcast includes: CTA/CoT Analysis, Gold, Oil, Technicals

Housekeeping: There will be no Founders class next Sunday. Therefore we did a huge podcast with a lot of content for Technical traders, Metals traders, and students of markets. Enjoy! - VBL

Podcast Slides and Preview HERE

Technical Trading: Triple Top Formations

“Triple Tops are made to be broken”. Why?

Starts 0:33

  • Triple Top (weak) and Double top (strong) formations

  • Why their perceived as they are

  • How they are formed

  • Whales, Sharks, and Piranha traders create the formations

  • Some ways to trade them

London/US Backwardation means there is physical buying and paper selling

Using Gold & Silver Spot to prompt Comex Backwardation as Oversold/Overbought Indicators

Starts 19:30

  • London Spot versus Comex futures

  • Why does backwardation happen in a huge selloff?

  • Why does contango steepen in a big rally?

  • Backwardation after selloffs, Steep contango after rallies

  • Bank flows and EFP arbitrage

  • How a bottom forms from this

  • Understanding Physical orders and Bank “leans”

  • Block trades: Wholesale versus retail executions

  • The ways they can resolve

Question: What can create a Real Gold (temporary) short squeeze?

Starts 43:30

  • Central Bank Behavior between 1987 and Covid

  • Historic perspective

  • Central Bank breaks ranks, France 1971

  • Bifurcation of Banking East/West

Question: What would happen if we overnight went back on the Gold Standard?

Starts 48:20

  • Money supply to Gold price

  • Government reaction to mute the effect of this

  • Have your physical

  • Gold bugs are right

  • The Role of Comex and western exchanges

  • Why would we do that?

  • Gold War: BRICS New Money and West BW3 retaliation

  • Ruble strength

  • Brazil arbitrage as example

  • The Gold black market

  • Why Silver goes through the roof

Question: CBDC, physical metal, Digital money future

Starts 57:05

  • Events as sign posts of change

  • Abolish cash, use CBDC

  • Why you buy when you can, not when you have to

  • Wear your wealth- China

  • Korean immigration to USA

CTA Positoning and Behavior in Copper, Gold, and Silver

Starts 1:04:30- Ends 1:17:00

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1.98MB ∙ PDF file

CoT Analysis

Starts 1:17:30

Gold, Silver, and Spreads weekly analysis

  1. Long funds reduced and short funds added = same OI but more shorts

  2. Short commercials reduced and Long commercials added = Same OI but less shorts

Tehcnical issues, reconnects 1:24:00

Spread comment: Banks closing Oi and using exchange?

1:29:00 Silver quick comment

Technical Overview of Moor Reports

Starts 1:33

  • Gold, Nat Gas, and Oil levels from Friday

  • A little Geo-pol oil comment

Reports courtesy Moor Analytics


  • Gold in different time zones and watching the market

  • Technical difficulty again End

  • Full Founders Archives HERE

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