Gold, Oil and S&P Podcasts: IMPORTANT NEWS

Moor Technical Podcast: Gold, S&P, Energy

Good morning. Above is the Gold and S&P podcast. At bottom is the energy podcast.

Some very good news for active traders here. We’re close to a deal with Michael Moor for the Goldfix community to get a less expensive version of his stuff


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As many Founders know, we’ve been on Michael for years to make a less expensive version of his research for people like us. He has resisted, noting professional clients might get miffed. But we are now close enough for me to share this with you.


It’s not a done deal yet. There are business details to work out ( pricing, how much can be shared, how often etc). But I am asking him for the following

  1. Gold a.m. report between 6 and 9 daily

  2. S&P a.m. report between 9 and 10 daily

  3. BTC a.m. report daily

  4. WTI Oil a.m. report daily between 8 and 10 (not a lock yet)

  5. Gold, S&P Podcasts any day he does them for clients between 9 and 11 a.m.

The price points will have to be favorable, lower than Pro stuff Which means to keep prices manageable I may poll you to see what you can do without if there is interest (e.g. no BTC, Oil, or S&P maybe).

He also must feel protected for his pro users (his trust in our 12 year relationship is why this is happening). Comment here if you have questions pls

Some details to be worked out:

  • The TA stuff will be in a bundle for now.

  • Goldfix will still have occasional podcast excerpts and TA stuff

  • Prices must be very favorable.

  • Monthly billing: He can cancel at any time.. which means we can also cancel at any time.

  • This is about his work schedule, not mine. So if he doesn’t do it for personal reasons (sick etc), I can’t make it happen.

  • He will want me to explain how to use it for anyone interested. (part of our deal)

  • Goldfix will distribute it just like we do now on the beta tests.

  • I have direct access if we all have a market question

It’s not a done deal, but it is close. Fingers crossed

Here’s Energy today:

Energy Podcast: Moor Technical Excerpt (Beta)
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