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Hartnett Report: Zero Fiscal Discipline

Gold Enters his Chat Again

Good afternoon:

Here’s our Hartnett Flow Show report walkthrough for the weekend.

Works well with the weekly ZH Premium analysis

If last week’s Hartnett was loaded with insight, this week’s is light on written comments. His opinion was noted the week before, now it seems he is in watch and see mode.

Gold Enters Chat

But we note that importantly, Gold has crept on his radar again. Although he is not reccomending it yet, he notes the outflows with a light suspicion as being somewhat overdone. We observe ( as doesHartnett indirectly) Gold’s price has weathered yet another sizable outflow of Fund length this past few weeks


  • 7:30- Zero Fiscal Discipline

  • 16:00 First Gold Comment

  • 18:45- Extended Gold Comment

Approximate Timestamps

  • 0:00 Intro

  • 1:00 Prev Week Recap

  • 4:40 Start of Report

  • ***8:00 Hartnett’s main points analysis

    • debt downgrades ≠ fiscal discipline;

    • CBs bailing out Wall St, Gov’t bailing out Main St

    • Gov’t does not know how to subtract

    • Difference between GFC and now

    • Path Forward

    • Next Recession » Fiscal Panic » Raging Inflation » Gov’t default risk »YCC G7

  • 16:00 Gold Comment

  • 17:00 Chart views

  • 17:50 Oil Stocks

  • ***18:45 Gold chart and comment (see charts above)

Since we mentioned Helicopter Ben today…

These actually exist

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