Playback: Sunday CoT Discussion

Price, Open Interest, Deliveries, and a lot more

Long one, great questions. Caffeinated answers.

You’ve been warned

Tabbed interactive transcript will help narrow topics

Topics touched.

  • First 5:40- Bartenders in a Stamford CT IRA Bar***

    • Slightly insensitive. No real names were used

  • Commitment of Traders Analysis

  • The Shrinking Open Interest and the Draining Vault

  • Managed Money Options

  • Who is the buyer

  • BiS and the bullion banks

  • Why is it not reflected on Comex OI

  • Comex as cesspool of capitalism

  • Bullion Bank Behavior

  • Aberrant behavior

  • SGE challenge to COMEX

  • Importance of Comex deliveries pricing

  • BRICS and Sell Season

  • Mercantilism in Practice

  • Elliot Mining Play

  • Permission to take delivery?


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