Why Does Spoofing Happen?

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Why Does Spoofing Happen?

Excerpted From: Precious Metal Price Suppression | Vince Lanci (TPC #1,338)

The following is a 19 minute excerpt from a recent interview of Vincent Lanci (VBL) as conducted by the lovely and talented Tom Carrigan of the TPC podcast. Transcription tabbed with sound clips above

Full interview:

Segment Flow

  • 13:30- Why does it happen?

    • Technology’s role

    • Privilege abuse

    • Legalized Front-running

    • Corporate lobbying

  • 22:20- Is Bank privilege necessary to begin with?

    • Supporting the market in left-handed scissors

    • Incentivizing the banks to help

    • Business Parallels

      • Nasa, Tesla, Government projects, CIA, Bitcoin

    • The Decentralization battle behind Bitcoin

More on Spoofing:

Listen to this 2 minute clip by Chris Marcus we re-discovered from years ago in which he also describes spoofing very accurately.

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