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This is how it's done if it is happening


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As discussed on Arcadia’s SiverFix yesterday the following is a detailed walk-through of what is likely going on in Silver right now behind the scenes. A follow up written post is forthcoming and should be out tomorrow after more recon is done.

The following is also opinion based on information and experience of a professional with 30 years experience in the commodity markets with a focus on Silver in both Derivatives and Physical areas.

It is intended to help traders and stackers navigate the terrain and emotions that accompany them

Ask questions in comments if you need clarification.

Five Necessary Ingredients

  1. The CLIENT: A physical buying client who wants the metal now (foreign/domestic) China/ USTreasury

  2. The BANK: an intermediary handling that client’s order

  3. The SAP: An unassuming shortside player

  4. The SHARK: trader with a keen eye for weakness…

  5. The CATALYST: government economic policy

Silver, Platimum Chinese Stocks, Iron Ore

About: Actual Silver Squeeze Experience

Having witnessed many manipulative events in metals and having been victimized and participated in them unwittingly, manipulation goes both ways. The most impressive cases in Silver have become the template for various types of copycatting, most recently in Meme stocks.. This is from experience learned and studied.

Footnote: Here are those 2 seminal events as posted originally at ZeroHedge:

(Recommend read this if want a blow by blow of 1997 Buffet Silver Squeeze)

About: Gold Manipulation Case Advisor

Have also consulted multiple times on the very cases that occurred between 2007 and 2012 in Gold, Silver, and Natural Gas Options. But was asked to not make that public while those cases were ongoing.

Footnote: Here is one piece done publicly under a pseudonym in 2016:

(Reads like a lawyer’s analysis.. you have been warned)

More about Vincent B. Lanci Here

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