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For the last 30 years I have been an active successful professional commodity derivative trader. You may know me as a frequent contributor to Zerohedge since 2010. You also may know of me from regular interviews with Daniella Cambone of Stansberry and other popular podcasts. Most know me from the GoldFix and Bitcoin Brief podcasts. In 2017, Dr. Robert Biolsi and I co-authored a UCONN paper, excerpt, on Volatility. I’ve also taught at University level as an adjunct prof. and guest lecturer. - Linkedin, Palisades Bio

I still trade my personal account and continue to advise multi-billion dollar institutions on trades and risk management in the Energy, Metals, and Crypto spaces. In our first 2 months GoldFix/Bitcoin Brief has signed up over 800 readers. The demand for real analysis and teaching has been inspiring. So my day job will now be writing and educating in this space.

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As a young trader I was fortunate to have some extremely good teachers. Mentors include Martin Shafiroff, Roy Neff, Global Heads of Trading at Goldman Sachs et al, Market Wizard Larry Benedict, and other legends with whom I still collaborate. They taught me how to connect academia and experience in a way few can. I also traded counter to some of the biggest names in Gold, Silver, Oil, and Nat Gas where much “learning” was done. My own gift is an ability to translate these lessons for others. During my career I’ve taught future multi-millionaires how to trade and designed/created trading platforms like ICE’s Options software. Frankly, there is little I have not seen or been in the middle of in Commodity markets from: pit to screen, witness to victim of manipulation, and sqeezee to squeezor. Now, I enjoy writing and teaching. Finally, am passionate about leveled playing fields for investors.

With the Substack model, we’re trying to synthesize those things described above for people who want to learn more about markets as trader, investor, and student. The format we’ve decided on is like the classic Weekday/Sunday newspaper.

As a Daily subscriber, you will get access to the following: Daily easily digested market rundowns, Podcasts, analysis, technical trading levels, and all archives. Archives include past posts for Zerohedge not readily available on those sites anymore. You will also get access to ask what you want to learn more about.

The Premium Weekend report will read more like a long-form story Financial newspaper like Barron’s. Included are: original unfiltered analysis of market behavior, news items implications explained, drill downs on high level concepts as read in Zerohedge (e.g. RRP, Gamma etc) and explanations of how to use tools like Moor Analytics reports. Premium Weekend Subscribers sign up HERE

Recent Comments From GoldFix Members

  • Nov. 4th, 2021

Vince, in all fairness I have learned so much from you so far. I truly think you are a walking encyclopedia when it comes to trading. And you taught us how to differentiate those who benefit from misleading us. And how to filter major media news. People do a lot for the money. I pray we preserve our integrity, and keep our dignity. And beat them at their own game if we can.- H

  • Oct 19th, 2021

Man thank you so much Vince. Your guidance is really helpful. And you give me a sense of calmness and experience that I can’t get anywhere else- F

  • Oct 17th, 2021

That was great Vince thanks again, wutta good discussion. The yield curve flattening stuff is very interesting. I’d like to hear your thoughts on the global energy situation as well when you get a chance- M


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Down the road there will be more projects involving other formats, interviews of legends in the space, and guest posts from colleagues with outstanding acumen. Currently we have been running a Sunday class on Zoom with a core group of subscribers where we “mock trade”, discuss markets, and talk about events. More on this soon.

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