Markets: Jamie Dimon is Not Your Friend

Gold's Most Important Technical Levels

Housekeeping: Good Morning. Gold’s most important Levels

QOTD: JPMorgan Says Bitcoin Halving and Ethereum Upgrade 'Are Largely Priced In'


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COTD: Bitcoin Halvings and RSI levels

The Market is catching on

Yesterday’s Activity:


  • Precious Metals-

  • Oil/NG-

  • US equities-

  • Bonds-

  • DX-

  • Crypto-

Week’s Data:

  • MONDAY, FEB. 26 New home sales

  • TUESDAY, FEB. 27 Durable-goods orders

  • WEDNESDAY, FEB. 28 GDP (first revision)

  • THURSDAY, FEB. 29 PCE index 0.3% 0.2%

  • FRIDAY, MAR 1 S&P U.S. manufacturing PMI

Full calendar2


Top MSM News Links Here


  • "The U.S. Federal Trade Commission said Monday that it is suing to block the merger of Kroger and Albertsons, saying the combination of the two major grocers would result in higher prices for shoppers and lower wages for workers.

  • On Monday, Amazon officially becomes a member of the Dow Jones Industrial Average, replacing Walgreens

  • Chevron warned investors Monday that Exxon Mobil and China’s Cnooc are asserting they have a right to pre-empt the company’s bid for a stake in a prolific oil project off Guyana, an emerging dispute that could derail Chevron’s megadeal for Hess.


  • French President Macron said they think a Russian defeat is indispensable for Europe's security.

  • Macron also said European countries will increase sanctions on countries helping Russia to bypass European sanctions and noted that he didn't say France was not in favour of sending troops to Ukraine, while he stands by strategic ambiguity on the issue of sending troops to Ukraine.

  • US President Biden said he hopes a ceasefire agreement between Israel and Hamas can take effect by next Monday

  • US State Department said Hamas must accept the existing deal to reach a temporary truce in Gaza

Some headlines via NewSquawk or DataTrek

Markets/Metals Commentary (Charts):


  • Gold- Very constructive day, consistent with Sunday Discussion

  • Silver- Getting slapped around by Gold buyers, the cycle is starting again

  • Oil- trying to decide after CTAs covered

  • Stocks-

  • BTC/ETH- Jamie Dimon: Halvening, 70% RSI, and adoptions

  • Bonds-

Going Out:

Model Pattie Boyd is selling letters that lift the lid on her notorious love triangle with guitarist Eric Clapton and Beatles star George Harrison. Boyd was a muse to both men in the 1960s and 70s

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