Podcast: "There is no easy way out of this mess"

Podcast: "There is no easy way out of this mess"

How The US is Breaking its QE Addiction

Several calls today. One triggered an impromptu podcast message on QE. Very rough draft of a University lecture in the fall as inspired by a colleague whom the title is quoting. Sharing it with you all..(Some profanity)

Bottom line: You were right. QE and easy money are an addictive drug. They’ve known this since 2009. Now the G7 is in the process of getting off it.

Loosely listed topics:

  1. There is no easy way out of this mess

  2. The Western Easy Money Debt problem.

  3. We have the bad inflation now..

  4. Same problem, different solutions

  5. The real problem… preserve status quo while transitioning

  6. US Style: tight monetary, easy Fiscal

  7. Middle Class Death: The 1970s parallel

  8. Japan style: YCC slow pain

  9. UK Style: Mini budget disaster

  10. QE/ Drug addiction Analogy

  11. Drug analogy in US and UK

  12. US: less drugs, more exercise

  13. Japan: Not discussed… different drug

  14. UK: Cold Turkey mini budget panic

  15. Why the middle class suffers

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