The Rising Tide of Authoritarian Capitalism

The Rising Tide of Authoritarian Capitalism

The love affair with Democracy may be over
Housekeeping: There was no Active Trader podcast today with markets closed. This may interest you in a Geopolitical positioning kind of way

From time to time we do some research to better understand implications of the massive changes going on in the world. The study of Mercantilism  we did prior was an example.  The idea is to come up with a coherent opinion as traders.  It is ultimately about how you invest your money.

Another reason to own Gold and Silver…

The longstanding marriage between Capitalism and Democracy is in jeopardy as the rising force of Capitalism with Asiatic Principles pioneered in Singapore and successfully (so far) adopted by China.

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  • 0:00- 3:23 How Marxists view Capitalism

  • 3:45- 6:45 Capitalism and Liberal Democracy, a symbiotic relationship

  • 6:45- 8:42 China’s Capitalist experiment. Tienanmen, and western influence

  • 8:42- 10:29 The Eastern Authoritarian influence on the West is growing

  • 10:29- 11:48 How the West may force its people to comply

  • 11:48- 13:20 A couple potential paths East and West

  • 13:20- END Chances of Revolution in China

  • What’s the trade if you bet on bifurcation to last? Short every currency but USD, Yuan, and Gold

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Also: We’ve no attachment to these opinions simply because if they don’t make money, then they are discarded or rethought. They literally are theses to be proven. This one may be part of a lecture we present to University.

And, this is not the end of the West. There is a genuine plan besides manipulation and intimidation that involves economic reinvention we believe. We’re just worried about its execution by those running the country

Feedback and opinions welcome.

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