Tom Luongo: The Battle for Gold Pricing Control

Tom Luongo: The Battle for Gold Pricing Control

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Tom Luongo’s Gold, Goats ’N Guns Podcast

Tom had VBL back and it was great. They revisited and discussed “progress” made in various ideas since our last chat as well as more clarification on the European fiasco Tom frequently talks about.

Key topics

  • China and US Gold price problems and the implications

  • Exchanges as “tell” of global trade

  • Fed role in all this

  • European stress

  • Geopolitics

Personal Highpoint:

The both of us discovering that “Payment chains are supply chains (VBL)” and “The Fed doesn’t give a damn about the Eurodollar (TFL)” are actually closely related as cause and effect now.. See for yourselves


Vince Lanci returns to the podcast to connect some dots about the recent events in both the Chinese and US gold and silver markets. This discussion is about far more than just gold and silver, however, it tackles the nature of exchanges, flows, payment chains and why the Fed is working so hard to change the flow of the US dollar.

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