Why They Want The Gold

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Why They Want The Gold

And Other Monetary Comments

Housekeeping: Lots of new subscribers. Thank you. There will be 2 posts today. This first one answers some questions resurfacing now that Gold and Silver have caught fire in the markets. The second one will be any new reports we have in our files on topics from Commodities, to Gold/ Silver, to Geopolitics to the economy in general. Some content is long form, some is trading tactical, and some, like the attached, are shorter pieces and news items pursuant to all our interests.



Title piece was recorded April 5, 2023 and has proven prescient and now growing in importance as the rest of the world slowly catches up to us. The other segments are closely related topics that have resurfaced with people searching for answers in light of Gold and now Silver’s resurgence.

Here are some answers.

Table of Written Contents

  1. Why They Want the Gold (transcript in tab)

  2. What “They Want the Gold” means

  3. Zoltan’s Bretton Woods 3 is a Process

  4. On Mercantilism, The BRICS, and Gold’s Role

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