Founders Podcast: Zoltan Returns

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Founders Podcast: Zoltan Returns

But he's a little expensive...

Housekeeping: Tomorrow is the last day of the Holiday week Founders upgrade.

Below is the Bloomberg interview he gave Fridayas part of his new newsletter launch.

His new site, Ex Uno Plures has an unlocked pdf archive of his previous posts. We have been in communication and he has replied1

Suffice to say: at $30k a year, sadly we will not be subscribing. But are keeping an open mind as professionals if things change. We do love translating his work and feel we do him justice, as intimated to us.

Key insights from the pod:

Zoltan reveals his next move — 2:06
The meaning of Ex Uno Plures — 2:31
Is the Bretton Woods III thesis playing out? Plus a new angle on CBDCs— 5:19
Are big macro stories actionable for investors? — 15:26
Changes in structural demand for US Treasuries — 24:13
The role of commodities financing in Bretton Woods III — 27:21
Thoughts on the recent banking drama — 33:36
Strength of the banking system now — 39:51
CBDCs and central banks a the new shadow banks — 44:02

Note: Nothing in the below interview has not been covered before here and extensively by us with a cuple exceptions. He does give some insight on recent FX developments in Australia and Japan inre the international Yuan rollout.

The hosts are kind of drooling on him like CNBC does when the Dow makes new ATHs. But we get it

Bonus: GSTrader, RABO Daily

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