Why Brics 2024 and Nixon 1971 are the Same Thing

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Why Brics 2024 and Nixon 1971 are the Same Thing

Addendum to "They Want the Gold "

Good afternoon.

After recording Why They Want the Gold VBL sat down with Jordan of the Daily Gold to compare notes on historical parallels.

Combining perspectives, this is the result.

As it turns out, what the BRICS are doing right now has strong precedent with what France and the UK did in 1971 which forced us to sever the deliver-ability of Gold against the dollar.

Back then, as now, other countries became worried about our ability to maintain the buying power of the USD in light of an increasingly unmanageable debt burden. The concerned countries in both eras thought the temptation to cheat and monetize the ballooning US debt was too big a risk. Back then, and now they wanted the Gold.


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