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Pictorial: Mines around the world. Part III

Reflections On 2021: Bitcoin's Love Affair With Elon Musk Ends

Morning Rundown: No Love Today

The legacy of Mr. (Fi)Bonacci

Pictorial: Mines around the world. Part II

GoldFix: Morning Rundown

Pictorial: Mines Around The World

Advertising: The Original Sin of the Internet

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Bloomberg: Funds Moving Away from “Old Analog Gold” to Bitcoin.

Holiday Message

Oil: What 2021 Price Action Taught Us

Morning Markets: Omicron, Russia, and Inflation Data

UNLOCKED: How Inflation Was Actually Kept In Check for 20 years

Morning Market Rundown

2021: Petroleum Year in Review

Morning Rundown: Dec 20th, 2021

BTC Ownership is Even More Concentrated Than Other US Elite Owned Assets

"Peak Inflation Is Here"- Jim Rickards

GoldFix Weekly: Inflation Backs Off, Gold Rallies

Explanation Help for Using MOOR ANALYTICS Bitcoin Analysis

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Global Crypto Outlook 2022

Morning Markets: Fed Day

Greenspan’s Warning on Gold

Outlook 2022 for Gold, Oil, and Bitcoin

China is Exporting Inflation Now

Founders Class: How to Use Market Profile in Trading

Taylor's Swift Rules


Biden: Gasoline Prices Won't Show Up Lower in Data Yet

Morning Markets Dec 9th, 2021

Gasoline Prices Approaching a Watershed Moment- Analysis

Nevada Becomes First State To Impose Surcharge On Unvaccinated Workers

Elizabeth Warren Is So Very Wrong About Inflation

Why the price of gold could jump by up to 20% in next 12 months - Arabian Business

Russian finance ministry to buy $6.8bn worth of gold, FX in month ahead

Morning Markets: 'Oil in the Teeth of it Now'

UNLOCKED: Transitory Retired, Powell Isn't

We Survived DOOT* Week; Unleash the Flows

What Lies Beneath?

Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin proposes fix for high gas fees

Climate Change: Ignored Fissures in Global Rate, Bond & Currency Markets

World War II-era bomb explodes in Munich, wounding three

"Jim Cramer Can Eat an Entire Bag of Diks*"

Morning Markets for Dec 1, 2021

PREMIUM: 5 Founders Masterclass Recordings

United Nations Weighs Taliban Admission

From Gold Manipulation to DC’s Latest Lies, Absolute Distortion Continues

“Slow Disaster Playing Out” As Germany Shuts Down Nuclear Capacity

India misinterpreted private crypto ban, says crypto bill creator

Inflation:"We Just Moved Oil From Savings to Checking," -Analysis

Labor is scarce for fundamental reasons that aren't going away:

Plans For World's First Bitcoin City

Market Rundown: Panic for Profits

Report: Israel Warns US Not to Settle for ‘Partial’ Nuclear Deal With Iran

The Bitcoin Bond: El Salvador makes History

Citi Veteran Launches $1.5B Crypto Fund With Algorand as Strategic Partner

Is Peak Social Media Already Behind Us?

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Steps Down

Peter Schiff: Black (And Blue) Friday

Here Are Goldman's Four Market-Moving Omicron Scenarios

US Warns Iran Not to Use Talks to Accelerate Nuclear Program

Disney Blocks Simpson Episode that Mocks Censorship

The Face of Inflation 

Part I: All Taboos Broken—von Greyerz & Ronni Stoeferle Discuss Gold’s Role in a Changing Financial System

Singapore Grows Gold Reserves by 20%

The Face of Inflation

Morning Markets: NOmicron

Twitter Grifters

U.S. Inflation: Which Categories Have Been Hit the Hardest?

Ranked: Top 5 Car Models With the Longest Production Runs Are...

Cable TV News & the Monetization of Confirmation Bias

Cryptocurrency DEFI Lending Platform CFO Arrested

Social engineering is an emotional game: here's what you need to know

Is the Metaverse the future of entertainment?

Black Friday scammers used Nike, PlayStation, other brands as bait

War Hawks Seek To Give Prez Blank Check To Declare War on China

US Says ‘All Options’ on the Table Over Alleged Russian Troop Build-Up Near Ukraine Border

Commodities challenged by fresh Covid concerns

State AGs Press Unilever To Reverse Ben and Jerry's Israel Boycott

Covid Mini-Crash Warrants No Changes Yet- Goldman Sachs

Russian, North Korean Hackers Target Amazon Cloud for Bitcoin Mining


Will Investor Lawsuits Flood Bullion Banks?

NU Variant Underscores Vaccine-Only Failure

We Don't Talk About Collapse To Revel In It, We Talk About Collapse to Prevent It

Part 5- America's Bitcoin Opportunity

Cambridge House Chat with Egon von Greyerz and Jay Martin Part II: Triggers, Symptoms & Solutions for the Next Financial Implosion

How Bad are Inflation Models, Expectations, and Forecasts vs Reality?

Tighter Crypto Regulations: They could spell a death knell to many crypto exchanges

Bloomberg Editor: Thinks Debasing the Dollar Is the Moral Thing to Do

Comrade Down: Senate Forces Biden to Dump OCC Nominee, Lenin Scholar

Bitcoin Podcast Nov. 26th, 2021

Coronavirus latest news: Belgium detects first case of 'nu' Covid strain

Markets' First Reaction to The New Covid Variant

What Drives Gold Prices?

"Prices...Have Gone Up" - Kamala Harris 'Explains' Decade-High Inflation In The US

UNLOCKED: The Truth About the Oil Reserve Release

$265 Billion Bond Fund Warns Inflation Path Of Least Resistance

UNLOCKED: Turkey Sneezes and Gold Drops $50

UNLOCKED: Gold and Silver Buy Season is Here

INTERVIEW: Gold's Buy Season is Coming

"Absurd Solutions" To the Current Energy Problem- Analysis


Gold-O-Mania Is Coming!

Morning Markets

What Drives Gold Prices? -Nov. Fed Paper

Founders Class: Sterilized Quantitative Easing

Research Reports- Nov 14

Watch: "Gold is Set for a Boom"- Goldman Analyst

Buffet's Silver Squeeze Explained-Understanding Spreads Part 2

Nat Gas: "No Cheap Seats Left" As US Now Competes with Asian Demand

Part 5: The Infrastructure Bill and Crypto Brokers

Market Rundown: What Really Happened Yesterday?- Podcast

Part 4-Bitcoin's Sound Money Promise

Market Rundown: Musk's Tesla Tantrum

MasterClass. Understanding Spreads Part 1- Contango

Market Rundown: Nov 9, 2021

Market Rundown: Elon Shrugged

April, 2021 Bitcoin vs. Gold: Saylor-Giustra Debate Prep

April, 2021: Bitcoin Gold Debate Primer Kevin O'Leary to Weigh In

Gold & Silver Shorts Lose Money: You "Hate" to See It

UNLOCKED Part 3- How Inflation Was Kept In Check. And Why It's Back

Market Rundown: Nov 5, 2021

An Asian Bretton Woods type set up is coming

Post Fed Rundown: When Doves Fly

Podcast: Demystifying FedSpeak on Fed Day

Part 4: The Stablecoin Ban Will Be International

Break the Comex: Let’s Remove Banks From Silver Pricing Urges Keith Neumeyer

Sunday Zoom Discussion: GoldFix-Capital Mkts

Oil: "We Are Drowning in Rumors of a Price Rescue"- Analysis

The Week Ahead: Four Central Banks and the US Jobs Report

GoldFix Weekly Report: How RobinHood Rips Off Retail

UNLOCKED: Premium MasterClass Pay for Order Flow

Market Rundown: NFT Sells for $532 Million

GDP Is Weak

UNLOCKED: Part 2- The Post WW 2 Expansion Fiat Experiment Begins

Market Rundown- Oct. 27, 2021

Morning Rundown: Oct 26, 2021

Paul Tudor Jones: "My bet is [The Winner] will Be Bitcoin" Over Bonds

UNLOCKED: What Will Drive Gold Prices The Next 70 Days- Analysis

Bitcoin and the U.S. Fiscal Reckoning

Oil and Natural Gas Shortages- Analysis

Spelling Fail

Gold's Road Map for 2021's Remainder

WATCH: "Gold Suppressed, Shelves Empty, Out-of-Control Fed"- Ron Paul

Morning Rundown: Oct 22, 2021

Morning Rundown Oct 20th, 2021

How Politics Shapes Free Markets in 3 Pictures

Reports 10/16/21

GoldFix: Market Rundown

Bitcoin: Massive ETF Flow Trade Is Here- Analysis

Should I Buy Bitcoin and Sell My Gold Like They are Telling Me?

By Request: Bitcoin ETF Names and Dates

UNLOCKED: What the Bitcoin ETF Launch Means- Analysis

UNLOCKED Beyond Bitcoin: What You Should Consider Buying

Beyond Bitcoin: What You Should Consider Buying

UPDATE: CPI Bad, Gold Jumps 2%


Morning Rundown: Gold is Strong on CPI Day

Morning Markets Oct 12th, 2021

Morning Market Rundown

Inflation: What the Debt Ceiling Fiasco Truly Means

Morning Market Rundown

Market Rundown for Oct 7, 2021- Podcast

Why Crypto Will Not Be Money in the US

Morning Market Rundown

Energy Crisis: Renewables Are Driving It- Analysis

Energy Crisis: Renewables Are Driving It- Analysis

Morning Market Rundown

Bitcoin and Ethereum Unrealized Gains To Be Taxed- Analysis

GoldFix Morning Podcast

GoldFix Report: How to Survive Stagflation Nation

Bitcoin's Regulatory Future

Oil: Watch These Spreads for Weakness Now- Analysis

GoldFix: Funds are Getting Short- How To Play Them Like The Pros

GoldFix: Friday, Sept 24th, 2021

GoldFix Weekly Report

GoldFix Weekend Report

Crypto: Litecoin Dump, Steve Cohen's Bet, and Coinbase Debt

Oil: Time to Think About Upside Again- Analysis

Making Sense of Crypto News

Crypto News Brief

GoldFix: Doubt Kills Bull Markets

Sunday Report: Doubt Kills Equity Bulls

OIL: Don't Look Back, We're Not Going There

GoldFix: Gold Will Go Parabolic This Time- Paulson

Paulson: Gold Goes Parabolic This Time Around

Gold Rallies $24 on Massive Jobs Number Miss

GoldFix: ADP Data Miss Looks Stagflation-y

Paulson Prefers Gold Over Bitcoin

Analysis: Hurricane Ida Pipeline Damage Likely in New Orleans

On What do Central Banks Spend $231,667 Per Second?

On What do Central Banks Spend $231,667 Per Second?

Gold Dip Buying Persists

Special Issue: Research Report

Gold, Bitcoin, and Bonds- "No Alternative Now"

Gold, Bitcoin, and Bonds- "No Alternative Now"

Capital markets recap, commentary, and analysis for evolving traders

Inflation Nation or Dead Cat Bounce

Weekly Report: The Real Fear Index

The Vix, Gold, and Dollar Remain Bid

Why is Gold Higher Today?

It Was Called "Gold Fix" for Good Reason

Peter Thiel's Palantir Buys Gold

GoldFix Weekly: What Exactly Happened in 1971? - Analysis

GoldFix Weekly: How Volcker Killed the Middle Class- Analysis

Gold Holds Despite Silver Slam-Why?

GoldFix: Clean Energy Contradiction

GoldFix: Transitory Inflation or Persistent Pain?

GoldFix: Metals Crashed Because (Spins Wheel)

GoldFix: Making Sense of Gold Last Night

Special Issue: The 1979 Inflation Lecture That Scared Paul Volcker- Analysis

GoldFix Weekly: Gold-Backed Tokens Launched

GoldFix: The Fed Controls The Gray. It's All Noise

GoldFix Daily: RobinHood & Co Just Robbed You

GoldFix Daily: Aug 4, 2021

GoldFix Daily : Pay For Order Flow Lecture

GoldFix Weekly: "Inflation is Half Our Mandate"

GoldFix Daily: July 29, 2021- Dollar Drops and Gold Pops

GoldFix Daily: July 28, 2021- Fed Policy Day

GoldFix Daily: July 27, 2021- China Hangs Seng Index

GoldFix Daily: July 26, 2021- Bitcoin Blastoff

GoldFix Weekly: How to Stop Silver Manipulation

GoldFix Daily: July 23, 2021- More Metals Manipulation

GoldFix Daily: July 22, 2021

GoldFix Daily: July 21, 2021 Bitcoin's Big Bounce

GoldFix Daily: July 20, 2021

GoldFix Weekly: Whither Inflation... For Now

GoldFix Daily: July 16, 2021- Happy Friday

GoldFix Daily: Part 2 Technical Comment

GoldFix Daily: July 14, 2021 Special Technical Note

GoldFix Daily: July 13, 2021

GoldFix Weekly: Banks Get Bullion Bypass Friday Night

GoldFix Daily: July 9, 2021

GoldFix Daily: July 8, 2021

GoldFix Daily: July 7, 2021

GoldFix Report: July 7, 2021


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